Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mother, DeAnn

DeAnn Kempton Lee. This classy (yet sassy) lady just so happens to be my mother. I am proud of it! She is caring, loving, tender, funny, pretty, nurturing, helpful, and maybe even a little crazy! But that's why I love her so much. She is MY mother and she is there for ME. Time and time again through the best and worst of times my mother has been there for me. While influencing me to do what is right she trusts me with making my own decisions and allowing me to suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. She builds me up but is not afraid to correct me when I am making a mistake. She buoys me up when I am feeling low and cheers me on when I am finding success. My mother is the greatest.

What I love most about my mother is her wonderful example. She is a true mentor. Not only does she 'say' what to do but she 'shows' what to do. I had the wonderful privilege to be taught every week day by my mother in seminary (an early morning religious class) for three of my four years in high school. It was there that my mother led a classroom of teenagers by expounding the scriptures and bearing fierce testimony. However, this is not something that my mother was able to do on a whim! She would feed and prepare herself spiritually as she studied and prayed.

However, these words of mine would not be complete without making mention of someone else. My mother would not be the woman that she is today without the support and love of my father, Dave. He is the supreme example in my eyes of how to be a husband. It is obvious that my father loves my mother by the way he treats her; the way he holds her hand; the way he talks about her; when he buys her flowers; and even the way he looks at her. He is completely supportive, compassionate, and patient. Because of my father I know what kind of man and husband I need to be. My father epitomizes Elaine S. Dalton's teachings to "love [your children's] mother". What a good egg!

My childhood is full of loving memories of both my mother and my father. They are quite the pair (best parents ever). Our loving Heavenly Father provided us with families to help us in this crazy world. Families are the most important social unit in society and they are to be led, together, by both the father and the mother. I have sweet recollections of hearing my father read his scriptures out loud and looking into my parents room to see them kneeling together in prayer. Together they are whole. "Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord" (1 Corinthians 11:11).

I owe all that I am to my wonderful mother (and father). My love for them is eternally deep. I am forever indebted. This Mother's Day show your appreciation to your mothers. Give her a call. Write her a note. Give her a hug. Love her. She'll appreciate it!


Jesse said...

Ya Deanne is awesome! :)

Patt said...

Dear Elder Lee.. Dena Was'te Wadaka... I am so happy for you to be blessed with such an exquisite Momma.. You epitomize her love for you. You are a great example of a true MOMMA'S LOVE.. You are blessed to have such a grand family..and a supportive one as well. They are truly blessed to have you in their lives as well. I love the way you love them, and the way you love and serve our Father in Heaven... You will truly be blessed with everything that is wonderful in this world and the world to come.. May you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY AND ALWAYS.. Love, Sister Iron Cloud, your other Mother...Native Sioux Woman..

Katie Cobell said...

DeAnn is the greatest! You really are blessed to have such a sweet and fun mom :)